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Oct 28, 2012 1:30am EDT
the government. but i also believe the free market has never been about taking whatever you want, however you can get it. alongside our innovative spirit, america's only prosperous when we meet certain obligations to one another and when we all play by the same set of rules. we have come too far and sacrificed too much to go back to an era of top-down, when iran economics. as long as i'm president, we will keep moving this country forward so that everyone, whether you start a business or punch a clock, and have confidence if you work hard you can get ahead. thanks, and have a great weekend. >> hello, i am ann wagner, from the heartland of st. louis, missouri. i worked at a young age at the small retail carpet business my parents started. i vacuumed, a tag sale items come and work my way to the show room floor. but as that happened, that is where i met a young man working his way through high school, named ray, my husband of 25 years and the father of my three beautiful children. we are truly blessed, but like so many of you, we worry for future. our economy is hurting. our nation
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1